Spring is dangerous


I absolutely adored this blog post when I discovered it last April. Re-reading it now, it more than stands the test of time.

Click here to read Vinita Wright’s full post, Spring is Dangerous on her blog, Wisdom Tree. Here’s an excerpt, but it doesn’t do the whole piece justice, so just click already!

Spring (capital letter totally intentional) is the meteorological sigh of relief…

It is dangerous because hope is always risky. Hope teases me loose in the same way the late April wind frees my hair from a jacket collar—the movement is instantaneous, reckless, and trembling toward possibility. You cannot hope in safety, not really. Just as a spring morning compels my feet out into the day, hope moves me, against common sense, into a field spacious enough for grand, shimmering dreams. In that place and moment, I know how wonderful life could be. Not only do I know what life could be, but I begin to want a deeper one, a life more expansive and satisfying than the one I now have, a life as unreasonable and luxurious as a long row of crabapple trees fully in bloom…

Well, let the spring days come. May their breezes toss me end over end, if that’s what it takes to jar the door and slip its latch. May wild desires move through me like a recurring ache until I get into motion and turn winter flab into muscle. May I trip over mossy roots or stumble while looking up at clouds and sparrows—any jolt or turn that will elicit some deep, healthy breaths.

For anyone who reads this: I sincerely hope that Spring overcomes you, that it unhinges and undresses you. Be brave and listen to one bird sing, and not for a few seconds but for three entire minutes. After that, with all your soul you will desire the next note, and the next. And after that, it will be impossible to stop listening.

Vinita describes herself as a novelist, retreat director, creative mentor, and a woman intent on generating courageous wisdom, love both whole and holy, and beauty that does not fade.

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