Code Yellow

My boys’ schools imposed a Code Yellow today, which meant that instruction went on as usual, but kids were locked in their classrooms and guests coming in and out of the schools were monitored very carefully. All of this because of a non-specific threat made about a possible shooting to take place at Minneapolis Public Schools this morning.

The school district, teachers and principals handled things extremely well.

But boy, was I happy to have my boys arrive safely home this afternoon.

I wasn’t concerned about their safety per se (it was such a general threat that it didn’t seem likely it would impact one of their two schools), but I hated the thought of them sitting in their classrooms confused and scared. And I especially hated the fact that I couldn’t get to them (without making a big fuss and disrupting the schools’ procedures, that is.) It simply was not a good feeling to be cut off from them.

And I am not a mom who usually worries or has to keep her kids under wraps all the time. I am actually pretty laissez faire. Probably some other parents think that I am too lax. I usually send them to and fro and am pretty confident they’ll get back to me by supper time. I determinedly get through the scariness of life by not allowing my mind to go to the many dangerous things my kids might encounter on a daily basis. If I can’t control it, why obsess about it? Allowing my mind to get stuck on an awful-izing loop is not helpful to actually living. But today I felt a twinge of fear. And I wanted them to be with me.

I was glad that the boys and I had planned to run some errands together after school today, including a short trip to the Mall of America to get a particular hat Jesse wants for the dance next week…and to IKEA to get a snack and wander around together. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was quality time.

Most days, after a short break, I usually put my head back down and try to plow through some more work between after school snack time and supper. Today, I didn’t even think about doing that.

I know that every parent thinks that his/ her kids are the best ones on the planet, but truly, aren’t mine just fabulous?

Tonight, the best thing about them is that they are tucked in their beds, home with us. And we got to tell them again how much we love them.

I could say more, but it’s been a tiring day. Time for bed for this blogger.

Jesse enjoying supper on the deck

Dylan with the story he wrote tonight

Jesse performing at the Monkey Dance concert in January

Dylan, after I let him have bag #2 of cotton candy at the State Fair (obviously, a very fond memory for him)

The cool cat 7th grader himself

Dylan on the first day of school

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  1. Bri March 11, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    Your boys are awesome. I need me some MOA and Ikea.

  2. Amy Haley March 11, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    Yes, your kid are FABULOUS! Give them a big squeeze today from their aunt. Heard Jesse is heading up to TB… hope he has a great time.

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