My stitching obsession


Photo courtesy my friend Laura Kimball

Ever since we had our very first Le Donne stitching bee with Gina Sekelsky, I have been a little obsessed with having a hand stitching project going at all times.

Sheila and I went to Sewtropolis to stock up on colorful jerseys and bought little sewn bags to carry our projects around in. We made several trips for button and craft/heavy duty thread of various colors. I have already made a kerchief and a short scarf that buttons around my neck.

It’s especially good for a laptop lover like myself to put my hands to work on something non-electronic. This simple, easy and relaxing project for the evenings, while watching tv or listening to music, is a very good step toward more balance in my life.

And now, I have discovered the love of embellishing things. On Saturday night, while the Sweet Colleens (and therefore Jeremy) were at Kierans, I was at home watching a movie and stitching on the couch.

The result of a fleece remnant from the fabric store (less than $3), a bunch of leftover felt, and a needle and thread was this cuddly scarf for Dylan:


scarf left

scarf right

Dylan with his new scarf

So yesterday, I went to buy more thread, and ended up with a huge pile of new felt colors. A scarf for Jesse with maple leaves on it (for his beloved Canada) is next.

And this book is now waiting for me to pick up at the library: Alabama Stitch Book: Projects and Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style.

Alabama Stitch Book

Just more fuel for my fire; it seems fairly obvious that I will be bringing a stitching project to the Le Donne Day Retreat on Sunday, doesn’t it?

I am counting the days.

3 Responses to My stitching obsession

  1. Kimberley Laws October 20, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    I admire both your skill and your stick-to-itiveness! Admittedly, my hands were not designed for anything that involves any type of needle. My attempts to take up knitting, needlepoint, and just basic sewing proved to be quite pitiful. Not only do I not have the aptitude for this type of work, but I also find myself lacking in the ability to see a project of this nature through to the end.
    So, my “hats off” to you, my dear friend. Finding something that one truly enjoys and possesses a talent for is a special thing and I wish you many joyful hours of stitching! xoxo

  2. Connie Embleton October 20, 2010 at 7:46 am #

    Great job Rachel!!!! Our God is a creative God….I believe creativity is something He wants to see flourish in us and something life tries to snuff out!!! Go YOU!!!!

  3. tami October 20, 2010 at 12:23 pm #

    LOVE the scarf on Dylan Rachel!! you are just SO creative!!
    I love seeing what you do!! cannot wait to see more!!!

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