Little voice

Little Voice

Fall is not my most brazen season. The transition to new and busier schedules and heavier workloads, coinciding with diminishing light, is a powerful one. This year, I am stepping out in new ways to grow my business and redefine my role in supporting others. So, there is even more necessity to walk down obscured pathways in spite of how I feel.

And this time of year always knocks me down to my knees. Temporarily, the exhaustion and overwhelm and self-doubt that usually sit on the sidelines threaten to take over.  The good news is that eventually I adjust and perspective and ease return.

I’m guessing that some of you can relate, whether your reason is the same as mine or entirely different.

So I thought I’d remind all of us that sometimes courage is simply a little voice that says “I will say a prayer and I will sleep tonight. And then, tomorrow, I will get up and greet the day. And I will try again. And maybe, my courage will have grown a little.”

As my very courageous friend Persis says each and every evening:

Tomorrow is a new day!


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