Be a surfer

be a surfer

Quotation via 37 Signals, Getting Real,

I went searching for a quotation on strategy this morning, and was surprised that this one–technically about surfing–gave me the strongest tug. Have you ever thought of surfing as strategy? “Moi non plus,” as the French would say, but of course now that I have been shown the way, it is so obvious. 

Do you know how to be a watcher of the ocean? How to spot the waves where they are breaking? How to adjust your direction and timing based on the conditions you can’t control and couldn’t anticipate? 

Get Brilliantly Clear Strategy Sessions are the foundation of my business. Whether your oncoming wave is in the realm of personal challenges or professional issues–tackling a new goal, navigating a transition, getting back on track with your dream, strategizing a brand, focusing your marketing efforts–we can surf it together. More details on Strategy Sessions are available here. 

In June I’ll be offering a SUPER SPECIAL on strategy sessions to mark the one-year anniversary of so many of you getting brilliantly clear in 2012. But the discount will only be available to people who are on my e-mail list.

Sign up here before June 1st to receive the details as soon as they’re available!

June strategy sessions

You should be able to download the image about surfing at a high enough resolution to place on your desktop or print out…wherever you need it for inspiration. Thanks in advance for sharing it on Pinterest as well.


Rachel xo

p.s. Not local to Minnesota? No worries, strategy sessions can take place via phone and Skype too.

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