Older then, younger now

Rachel on the farm


I know, I know…

This song was written by the great Bob Dylan with a completely different intention in mind, but it has always struck me as so very relevant to my own life.

As I age, becoming older on the outside in every way, I can’t help but notice that

I am growing younger in all of the ways that matter.

On the inside.

I have more capacity to play and relax and enjoy and be than I ever had before.

Even when I was a little girl.

I am far less concerned with what others think of me.

I am in hot pursuit of tire swings and fireman’s poles and hammocks and rocks from which to dangle my feet in the lake water.

I can read a favorite novel late into the night, knowing that the end of the world is not going to arrive just because I didn’t get enough sleep.

I am becoming wise in all of the right ways and increasingly naive in all of the others.

Whenever possible, I choose to be cheerful and helpful rather than self-righteous and petty.

I am feeling more like the North Augusta farm girl in this photo every day.

Welcome to the fun years, all of you who are growing older in the same wonderful way.

The best is yet to come!

with love




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