A hummingbird came to play

hummingbirdIt’s a perfect June day.

And this morning, a hummingbird came to play.

First it flew past my flower pots and I watched it with wonder, because I’ve never seen one in my yard. Not ever.

Then as I pondered its meaning—quietly asking God what I am to absorb from this sighting—it appeared behind me, nearly touching my left shoulder as it buzzed past.

I receive signs and symbols as messages, no matter how God chooses to bring them to my attention. So, here I sit. Watching, waiting, not rushing (for once) to my office.

The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. The hummingbird calls us to a lightness of being, an enjoyment of life and to being more present.

Its effortless pattern of flight, covering great distances tirelessly, points out that ease is not incompatible with resilience.

In other words, resilience is not marked solely by effort and hard work and “stick-to-it-iveness.”

hovering hummingbirdThis call to ease has been—continues to be—a challenge for me.

Though I don’t feel as guilty as I used to, I am still confused by a variety of feelings and core beliefs around the inherent rightness or wrongness of approaching life in one way or another.

My mind flounders, asking myself questions like:

Shouldn’t life be a struggle?

Shouldn’t I be working harder to force things to happen in the right way?

Perhaps I am not trying hard enough.

Perhaps I don’t care enough.

Perhaps I don’t understand the urgency or importance.

Perhaps I don’t take seriously enough the heavy responsibility I should carry.

And then I remind myself that

God is big.

That I am not in charge. That there is no inherent “rightness” in being serious all of the time. That there is nothing to be gained by always focusing on the negative, the things that need to be fixed or solved. That all attempts to control and coerce are counterproductive and futile.

That there is value in lifting up, being positive, approaching issues—even very complex, divisive and soul-stirring issues—with love.

There is power in praying and seeing what I can do—tangibly do—to ease someone else’s journey, today.

Choosing to approach life, in this moment, with lightness and ease does not signify a lack of understanding, naiveté, or weakness.

After all, love is the only remedy for hate.

It is far stronger than any other force.

There is no fear where love exists. Rather, perfect love banishes fear, for fear involves punishment, and the person who lives in fear has not been perfected in love.
– 1 John 4 v 18

When I see attempts to persuade through control, condescension, one-up-manship, even valid argument delivered with a lack of humility or compassion, I choose to disengage. I believe that there is another way.

And just as I finished this post, the hummingbird appeared above my head again.

So I will go forward, tripping lightly into this day.

Covering great distances in my own way, blanketing them with joy and kindness.

My wings joining others in an oft times invisible, yet widespread and powerful journey to spread lightness and light.

with love

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