The August Break: Ten

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10. Talisman

 an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.


I stumbled across Johnny Clasper’s Facebook page this morning.

It seems to me that he is creating talisman-inspired stonemasonry art all over the UK.

Imagine having this in your garden, in front of which you could meditate and pray in the mornings, or at sunset?

What a powerful symbol of life’s mutability.

A reminder that life is not naturally made up of straight lines and clear directives.

In order to be happy, we must accept the natural rhythm of flow.

We must learn to bend and break, to allow ourselves to be transformed into new shapes and forms. And we need reminders that though our stone is crucial to the vision of the final sculptural piece, we are just one element in the beautiful whole.

Johnny Clasper website

Stonework does not always have to be in straight lines, row after row—Johnny’s fearless and creative nature is helping him to develop a very unique style of stonework incorporating a flowing movement of stones. This can be done as stone facing to properties, walls, mosaics or 3D sculptures.

fibonacci stone

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