The August Break: Eleven

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post.

11. Edge

Yesterday I felt like I was out on the edge of something.

Emotional, overwhelmed.

My sensitivity and intense caring about everyone and everything became too much.

I leaned into it and let it be and did my best to just live with it, to tread water. Knowing it was temporary.

(It always is.)

And today was better, lots better.

(It always is.)


Jeremy, Dylan and I have been gifting ourselves a daily slice of summer by going to Lake Nokomis between dinner and evening each day for a quick swim. We live in a beautiful city, with so much of the natural world, right at our doorstep.

It’s important to remember this.

A taste of being on holiday, on a regular old work day.

Peaceful and playful and spontaneous and uplifting.

And bouncing in those gentle waves really beats always treading water.

Wanna meet us there tomorrow?

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  1. Caroline August 13, 2015 at 6:46 am #

    Which beach? West or east?

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