The August Break: Thirteen

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post.

13. Last Year

Last year, on August 13th, I was in Tobermory Ontario, staying on Georgian Bay with the Greenhouse clan. A month with Dylan and Jesse, away from daily cares and responsibilities, time passing slowly and languorously, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day.

What a gift that retreat from real life that was for all of us!

Heart-shaped waffles

Starting the day with granddad’s heart-shaped waffles and bacon.


Serging in the old sitting room.

I made my niece Tessa a headscarf and legwarmers from scraps.

I made my niece Tessa a headscarf and legwarmers from scraps.

On the lawn where croquet is played.

On the lawn where croquet is played, tea and cocktails are consumed, and children run naked.


Jesse, the eldest grandson, charming and open-hearted as ever, the summer before his last year of high school.


My nephew Reid. Family dinner on the deck at a Big Tub restaurant.

Puppy on bike commute

And Jeremy, who had gone home 2 weeks into our stay, sent Dylan a photo of his favorite puppy on the bike commute to work in downtown Minneapolis…


…and reminded Dylan that it was almost time to come home.

My heart hurts and my eyes fill up.

For not being there this year, for how quickly time passes,

for the unimaginable beauty of it all.

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  1. Caroline Askew August 13, 2015 at 10:11 am #

    Very moving, Rachel. x

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