The August Break: Twenty-Three

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post.

23. Water

Today was all about getting Lucky,

our first ever family dog and Dylan’s 11th birthday present. We drove to Alexandria (2.5 hours each way, from home) to meet this beautiful girl being fostered by a couple who lives in Fargo, through the Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota Organization.

Lucky’s RAGOM listing tells what they know of her story (it’s not much.)

The vet thought that Lucky is mostly Golden Retriever, with some border collie mixed in.

We had plans to meet Lucky and then leave her with the foster family for another two weeks while we made our trek to Canada for vacation and the big college drop off…

What a sensible plan!

Instead, somehow Lucky ended up in our car, headed for Minneapolis.

As soon as we met her, it took all of thirty seconds for us to start strategizing how we could manage the details that had originally prompted us to plan so logically not to bring her home with us right away.

While we plotted and shopped and took care of the adoption, Dylan was running with her, all over the park…for hours.

A boy and his dog.

A boy and his dog.

Since we’ve come home, we’ve been coordinating a 4-person, multi-stage effort to make Lucky comfortable in our home while simultaneously encouraging Wesley to not be threatened by her. Apparently it’s all about first impressions, so we’ve got all hands on deck to make the first couple of days go as smoothly as possible.

So far Wesley has gone right up to Lucky’s crate and silently checked her out in very close proximity. With no sounds or movements from Lucky in response, Wesley calmly left the room.

Lucky is now asleep in her crate, having let out a big sigh. Contentment, I assume?

And Wesley doesn’t look too miffed and is in his usual favorite spot…so far, so good.

Here’s hoping.

And just to keep things interesting, it’s Dylan’s first day of school tomorrow. Thank goodness he fell asleep at a reasonable hour, looking forward to a walk with Lucky around 6:30 am, well before the bus stop beckons.

How does this relate to water?

Indeed, you might be wondering.

Well, Lucky’s awesome foster mom Ashley had

plenty of tears

as she said goodbye.

Ashley and Lucky say farewell.

Ashley and Lucky say farewell.

Thanks Ashley and Mike for taking care of our dream dog until we could find her and bring her home!

It’s going to be so fun doing that road trip to Canada in a few days with our new friend along for the ride!

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  1. Carrie August 24, 2015 at 3:54 am #

    What a Lucky additon to your family.


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