December Reflections: 01 Sparkle

December ReflectionsYay! Here comes Susannah Conway and her blog prompts—this time it’s December Reflections—to inspire me to blog again.

Today’s theme is SPARKLE,

and yes, it snowed.

Thanks to Jeremy for the groovy artwork on our front door chalkboard.

Last night around 9 pm, Jeremy, Dylan and I took that sweet girl of ours Lucky for a romp in the freshly-fallen, soppy wet–perfect for a snowball fight wet–snow. We walked all around Pearl Park and Lucky ran and hopped and delighted us all, reminding us to stop our working for a while to look around and move and talk and laugh and play.


The video below—click the image and it will download—won’t do much for most of you—it’s the day after the perfect fluffy snowfall and it’s now melting and patchy—plus the videographer is not good at all (me!) and the leash is all tangled up (also me!) But…you might want to watch it anyway because…

Lucky is SO happy and SO bouncy and SO alive with discovery and wonder.

And being with her

makes me want to be SO happy and SO bouncy and SO alive with discovery and wonder.

What a gift, to be outside with her for 45 minutes today, after work, when the sun is going down, when I otherwise NEVER EVER would.

Love you so much, Lucky. Love you so much, Dylan, for bringing Lucky to me.

with love

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.56.18 AM


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