December Reflections: 02 Hot Drink

Yay! Here comes Susannah Conway and her blog prompts—this time it’s December Reflections—to inspire me to blog again.

Today’s theme is HOT DRINK,

which as you might expect,

is going to turn into

just another

love letter

to one of my best friends,


When I discovered a version

of the quote pictured below

last year,

the recognition of my craving

was instantaneous, even startling.

Oh yes, this,


is one way of nearly perfectly describing

at least some of

what my authentic self craves.

In October, I went to a cabin all by myself,

and my updated version of these words–

pictured below–

offers the essence of

what I had the pleasure

and privilege of doing,

for nearly 3 luxurious days.

And it did not disappoint.

with love

I want to drink coffee




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