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The August Break: Twenty-Seven

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post. 27. Favourite Recipe Garlicky Kale-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Anna Dvorak for more of Anna’s delicious, nutritious recipes, check out her e-books on Amazon: FALL * WINTER * SPRING * SUMMER Serves 2 (with leftovers) Ingredients 2 medium organic Garnet or Jewel yams (orange flesh sweet potatoes) 1 […]

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The August Break: Six

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post. 06. Surprises   Today’s post was “supposed” to be on the theme of “notebooks,” but a surprise this morning became my inspiration instead. One egg shell from Hogs Back Farm, our CSA, revealed two yolks when I broke it into the saucepan. As I’ve mentioned in a […]

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among trees

Among trees

I went to a friend’s northwoods cabin in Wisconsin this weekend. I needed to breath the air being purified and renewed, minute by minute, in the woods. There was an undeniable sense of the sacred among these pines, and I was clarified by their presence. I stood in their circle and allowed God to infuse […]

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The skeletons in my closet

Every time I walk past that closet it feels like someone reaches out and pokes me with a sharp object. It stings. Actually, it’s more painful than that, far more than an irritation. It pokes and aches and remains under the surface of the skin, swelling a little more each time. It sounds an alarm and […]

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This morning, I felt the breath of my ancestors on my neck, their hands on my shoulders. The sensation was of a supportive and affirming nature, yet it carried weight. There was a pressure that conveyed a warning. It felt like this: “Pay attention.” “Stay focused.” “Listen carefully to what I am saying.” It felt like […]

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I spent much of the weekend preparing to start a 2-week cleanse tomorrow morning. Here’s what my friend and wellness mentor Anna Dvorak says about why we should cleanse: Why do a cleanse? To give ourselves the freedom from cravings, addictions and a break from our typical diet. What’s so bad about a typical diet? We get stuck […]

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Quiet influence

A couple of months ago, Dylan started telling Jeremy and me that he was spending his short recess time at school each day “meditating.” He described the wall where he liked to sit, and the “three trees of peace” which he loved, and which unfortunately became unavailable to him when some physical boundaries were changed. […]

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A grace

A healthy body is a grace. It’s a cosmic and earthly gift. It might even be a privilege. Are you willing to use this gift to give back to the world? Can you see that the body is meant to serve a deeper and more beautiful purpose in life that’s more than just being pretty, […]

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