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Summer reading, summer joy

I vividly remember the feeling of guilt-free anticipation that would take hold every time I walked into Merrickville Public Library. The librarian, Mrs. Ogilvie, was the revered caretaker of these 3 small rooms. Rooms that–for me–contained vast potential and a unique source of unencumbered enjoyment. In this peaceful place, the only budget limiting how much I […]

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My friend and fellow Magic Wand Collective member Christine Hoffman is taking a BIG step this summer. She’s opening a beautiful floral studio and market on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. I can’t wait to spend lots of time there, surrounded by flowers and Christine-curated objects of beauty. Since today is Christine’s birthday, I thought my […]

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Sunshine Playlist

Today is cloudy and overcast and the recent snowfall has turned from a fluffy white to an icy gray. The glow of the new year has past and we have arrived at the slogging stage of winter. As the French so aptly say, “Il faut durer.” As you will know if you read this blog […]

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I spent much of the weekend preparing to start a 2-week cleanse tomorrow morning. Here’s what my friend and wellness mentor Anna Dvorak says about why we should cleanse: Why do a cleanse? To give ourselves the freedom from cravings, addictions and a break from our typical diet. What’s so bad about a typical diet? We get stuck […]

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What I wore today: June 6th 2012

Another day of Magic Wand Collective co-working means another opportunity to throw a cute ensemble together. So here’s what I came up with today: Stella & Dot Bardot Hoop earrings in silver and Luna Wrap bracelet–works great as a headband and necklace as well–with braids. Coconuts Solei Wedge Sandals, bought at DSW. Follow this link and […]

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Just as I had hoped, my Grandma Brown’s very powerful story is being shared with more readers! The blog post I wrote in January has been given a home in the newest issue of Sprout, an online magazine I’ve come to love. If you enjoy discovering new artists, writers, poets and photographers, you will want […]

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  This little beauty of an acronym has been making the rounds on Facebook. I like the message a lot and thought it would be good printed out and placed somewhere visible in our home. So, I created my own version and here it is. Feel free to download it for your own use if […]

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