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The August Break: Seven

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post. 07. Five facts about me One. I love collecting unusual plants. This is a spotted bee balm, and I got it at the Friends School Plant Sale this year. Isn’t it incredible?   Below is ground nut vine, (mingled with virgin’s bower clematis.) It grows all over the […]

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The August Break: Four

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out yesterday’s post. 04. Numbers   I simply cannot believe the size and abundance of my raingarden. If you look back at this post, you will see how it looked when it was first installed. Today, it produces incredible numbers of flowers, daily. It’s making the bees, butterflies (monarchs!) […]

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Garden renewal

I am hoping to do some planting today, playing hooky for an hour or two from my work in order to catch this great weather and save my little plants. And my mind–as is always the case this time of year–has turned to my garden and the joy it brings to my life. Tending my […]

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And yet it bloomed

It snowed today. And yet my hellebore bloomed.  What a treasure in the barren landscape! I need to plant more. Sometimes referred to as ‘Christmas Rose’ or ‘Lenten Rose’, hellebores are the stars of the late winter/early spring garden. Plants generally bloom between December and March in cultivation, though some begin earlier, and others continue […]

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