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My shade garden is positively buoyant today. It finally poured rain last night and the heat has abated. (Maybe I can even run today.) I (and the plants) feel so relieved. We all needed some refreshment. I wish the plants pictured below were still blooming (that was, alas, earlier in the season), but at least […]

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I heart my new raingarden

I have been underwhelmed by our house’s curb appeal for some time. Even though it definitely has potential. Atop a sweeping hill with a curved sidewalk approach, and set off by the extra wide boulevard offered by our block (between 55th and 56th Streets on Park Avenue), my friend and feng shui consultant Ann Drew Yu […]

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Monarch heaven

Want to create monarch heaven? Last year, I attended a butterfly gardening class, offered for free by a Hennepin County Master Gardener. What I found out was so interesting that I thought I would share it with you. The monarch butterfly is sometimes called the “milkweed butterfly“ because its larvae eat the plant.  In fact, […]

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About to bloom

Wouldn’t you agree that very few things are as breathtaking as a flower about to bloom? It is cloaked treasure, surprise ending, and infinite promise. Which is exactly how I see people who are just starting to catch a glimpse of their beauty and their unique gifts. I see the cloaked treasure, surprise ending, and […]

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Ready, set, grow!

Wowza. Who would have ever thought that it could be nearly 80 degrees in Minnesota on the first day of April? What a contrast to that April 1st of a few years ago when not only did it snow, but my neighbor’s lighted up reindeer, still not put away from Christmas…nothing short of a crime […]

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Ché bella sorpresa!

Look, look, look at what I found when I was raking the shredded leaves off the top of my flower beds today. A plant that I have nurtured for three years is about to bloom. By nurtured I mean simply that I gave it water and didn’t pull it out of the ground even though […]

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Made in the shade

My cousin-in-law Megs has asked for some recommendations on flowering plants that do well in the shade. Since most of my yard is shady, finding these plants has been my gardening mission for several years. Unfortunately, I am in zone 4 and Megs is in zone 9-10, so I am not sure how well my […]

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