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Nothing more beautiful

For Mother’s Day, Dylan gave me one of those adorable books they make at school and my heart went pitter patter as I looked at all of his lovely thoughts and pictures. But the last one…the one where he says what he would give me if he could give me any gift…that one made me […]

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I went on retreat again this weekend. If you’re keeping track, I tend to go at least once every six months–though I already have another planned for June 1st this spring–because I have found that these organic, completely unwired getaways are essential to my well-being. The time was unstructured enough to allow for me to […]

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My little valentine

Although I love to play with paper, scissors and glue, I tend to get overwhelmed when doing crafty projects with my kids. I wish this were not the case, but the mess generated and the somewhat limited time frame we always seem to have combine to make me a little stressed out. The one exception […]

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Little Bliss List, February 3rd

I’m linking up with Liv Lane at Choosing Beauty to celebrate the bliss I’ve experienced this week… 1. A new friend named Pablo who is a high school exchange student staying with us for two weeks. Shared comedy and connection across the divide of geography and language is a beautiful thing. Plus, more testosterone in the house […]

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Bliss list

I’m linking up with Liv Lane at Choosing Beauty to celebrate the bliss I’ve experienced this week… 1. I traveled to Portland Oregon to launch the second chapter of The Magic Wand Collective–not only was it a bliss-full experience to speak to 75 women small business owners eager to welcome the magic wand to their […]

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Rogue wave

So picture this. It’s a perfectly calm day on the ocean. There’s not even the tiniest whisper of a wind. You’re in a sailboat, and there’s not a ripple on the water. You’ve been out in the open for hours, floating peacefully without any other people or boats or shoreline in sight. Suddenly you perceive […]

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