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Coasting down the hill

Coasting Down the Hill Frosty is the morning; But the sun is bright, Flooding all the landscape With its golden light. Hark the sounds of laughter And the voices shrill! See the happy children Coasting down the hill. There are Tom and Charley, And their sister Nell; There are John and Willie, Kate and Isabel […]

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Here she is!

My new niece was born last night. Clara Isabel Hedrick was born February 3, 2010 at 2:22 a.m. Bravo, Noemi, my incredible sister-in-law! I’m sure Noemi will have some professional-quality photos of Clara posted on her blog soon. For now…Here she is! She is the third child born to my youngest brother, Matthew. I remember […]

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Add to the beauty

I really admire local singer-songwriter Sara Groves. She’s a wonderful musician, but her heart is what really inspires me. Her video, I Saw What I Saw, written about her trip to Africa is definitely worth watching. Click here to see it on YouTube. The words to this song went perfectly with the beauty theme we […]

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Il bel far niente

Here I am, doing nothing. Well, I’m technically doing something, but in a nothing sort of way. (Read my About section and you’ll understand.) I’m listening. Paying attention. I’ll be blogging in days to come about things I find beautiful and awe-inspiring, hoping to spread some meaning and gorgeousness in the world. But for now, […]

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