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Heart-shaped waffles

The August Break: Thirteen

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post. 13. Last Year Last year, on August 13th, I was in Tobermory Ontario, staying on Georgian Bay with the Greenhouse clan. A month with Dylan and Jesse, away from daily cares and responsibilities, time passing slowly and languorously, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. […]

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The August Break: Five

Wondering what the August Break is? Check out this post. 04. Citrus I love to color. I find it soothing and it makes me happy! As usual, my thoughtful friends–thanks Virginia, Sheila and Janna!–have caught on to this and decided to give me more supplies to play with for my birthday (click on the photos […]

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anything is possible

Then open up some more

Anything is possible. Stay open, forever, so open it hurts, and then open up some more, until the day you die, world without end, amen. – George Saunders On the day of our dear friend Persis’ memorial service, December 27th, we were traveling from the Dominican Republic to Canada, so weren’t able to attend. However, we had the […]

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new clothes

What do you lack?

But as I lay down to sleep, I remembered this passage from Thoreau’s Walden: “I say beware of all enterprises that require new clothes and not a new wearer of the clothes.” Walden reminds me that when I feel lacking- I don’t need new things, I need new eyes with which to see the things […]

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Dancing all your days

I was listening to the song Dancing Daze by the Avett Brothers while driving Dylan to his Waldorf camp with Miss Monique this morning. So grateful that after a very serious childhood and early adulthood, I too am finally learning how to dance my days. And Dylan is the ultimate inspiration for me. These lyrics fit […]

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Comparison is the thief of joy


You are unlike anyone else in the universe. You are absolutely unique and completely incomparable. Why do you punish yourself with unworthy comparisons? You allow the thief in through a wide open door. No wonder your joy has gone missing! Focus instead on who you abundantly are. On the many treasures you have at hand. […]

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The Life of Riley

In the early 1990s Jeremy and I lived in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. We were newlyweds and two of our closest friends were as well. Terry and Christine had their first child–a boy named Riley–during those years.  We were witnesses to their impressive journey into parenthood. We have since moved to Minneapolis and they settled […]

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Feeling 1958

On Easter weekend we went to Omaha to visit friends and we had such a great time just chilling, roaming, laughing and staring in amazement at how big and charming our boys have gotten (if I do say so myself.) While in Omaha we did some thrifting and got to enjoy Janna and Dwight’s morning […]

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