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Empty nest

For Mel, who encourages all of us at the Magic Wand Collective to fly high and venture far from the nest! Yes, I could say that she is “the wind beneath our wings,” but that would be WAY TOO CHEESY, don’t you think? Let’s try the quotation below instead. Merry Christmas, Mel!    

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Mom and me

My mom flew in from Charlotte for a visit last Thursday. She spent lots of quality time with the boys over MEA, prepared a delicious meal alongside Jeremy, and–once I was able to recover a bit from feeing sick–she and I enjoyed a few carefree hours having lunch and doing a little shopping. My favorite […]

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Open hands

My friend Cate is opening her hands to give. In gratitude for God’s unconditional, everlasting love and with her heart reflecting His… Cate plans to donate up to $1,000 to Feed My Starving Children.  You can participate with her in this effort by visiting and commenting on her blog. She’ll donate $1 for every person who […]

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How full is your bucket?

One day last week, Dylan came home from 2nd grade full of great insight. Seeing that I seemed a little sad, he started to share with me what he had learned that day. Mom, do you know what I learned today? Everyone is walking around with an invisible bucket. And if someone’s bucket is empty, […]

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We have this really magical thing happening over here. It’s what we hoped would happen when we started bringing women to the same place at the same time – ♥ women who own businesses and have started non-profits ♥ women who want to own a business, but don’t yet know how or when ♥ women who make creative […]

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All around her

Just the thought that even one person would think of me when stumbling upon this powerful and perfectly beautiful phrase makes me positively beam with happiness. I would love, love  to be known for sharing sunshine and sprinkling refreshing rain so that many more flowers can profusely bloom in the garden of life. I’m so […]

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Walking each other home

There were severe storms on Sunday, all over the Midwest. As you likely heard, there was a record-setting tornado in Joplin, Missouri. I truly cannot imagine the scope of the devastation caused by that multi-vortex twister. But you may not know that Minneapolis suffered several very grave and devastating hits as well (see National Weather […]

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Shared silence

Last weekend I attended another Anna Dvorak retreat, this time with seven of my Le Donne friends. One of the key components of Anna’s retreats is silent breakfast. We rise when we wish and Anna is up. She is already there, prepared to nurture us with her organic, fresh, nutritious foods and with our custom juice […]

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