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I’ve been a little distracted because I have been dwelling in possibilities. Dwelling in them. It’s as if possibilities are my home right now, providing the roof over my head and the floor under my feet. Possibilities. I am not dwelling, take note, in guarantees. It’s all unknown territory. Which is not entirely comfortable for […]

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Here’s some advance info you’ll get ONLY because you’re reading my blog. Rachel’s Holiday Shopping Boutique is set to go and the excitement is building! As you can see from my living room photos, below. I’m thrilled to think of how much money we might be able to raise for the Michelle Project, an organization […]

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Finding rock

Has any spiritual fabric ever been built except upon invisible foundations? “The steps of faith fall upon the seeming void and find the rock beneath”; but the rock is hardly ever seen till afterwards. Just when the step has to be taken, coils of blinding, smothering mist descend upon the path…. And the foot that […]

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i run

Today, on Week 6 Day 3 of the Couch to 5K program, I ran for 25 minutes straight. Along Minnehaha Parkway with Jeremy. The weather was perfect. Wow! I was astounded. Apparently, I am going to do this. And I’ll have the t-shirt to prove it, because I just designed this image for each of […]

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Without music

Without music, I would have to run without the boost of energy provided by Single Ladies/Beyonce, Minority/Green Day and Get This Party Started/Pink. Without music, my house would never get cleaned (only the ipod makes that task even remotely enjoyable for me.) Without music, I would never go to Kierans to hear the Sweet Colleens […]

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