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Bliss list

I’m linking up with Liv Lane at Choosing Beauty to celebrate the bliss I’ve experienced this week… 1. I traveled to Portland Oregon to launch the second chapter of The Magic Wand Collective–not only was it a bliss-full experience to speak to 75 women small business owners eager to welcome the magic wand to their […]

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Wells in the desert

Yesterday was a replenishing day, and I am feeling more whole. I drove the boys to school, did a couple of errands, and arrived at Crema Cafe for my work session by 9 a.m. It took a while for me to get going mentally and socially, but it is so energizing to spend a day […]

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Tornado warning

Tornado warning. Those of you who live in the midwest will recognize these words. I always get watch and warning mixed up though. In either case, even the mention of the word tornado means that it’s time to pay attention. A tornado watch is just to let folks know to be on the lookout for […]

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