Happy birthday, A&B

Yesterday was my husband Jeremy’s brothers’ birthday. Ben and Alden are twins and they turned 33. They flew into town with their families to be a part of the Monkey Dance CD release. I know this meant a lot to Jeremy. When I met A&B (my mum-in-law Jane found out they were twins shortly before […]

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Don’t you just love gifts? Especially gifts that just arrive, for no specific reason? And sometimes, isn’t the gift wrap just as thoughtful and special as the gift itself? I have superlative friends who know how to surprise with a gift just when it’s needed. Here are just a few I’ve received recently. Aren’t they […]

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Add to the beauty

I really admire local singer-songwriter Sara Groves. She’s a wonderful musician, but her heart is what really inspires me. Her video, I Saw What I Saw, written about her trip to Africa is definitely worth watching. Click here to see it on YouTube. The words to this song went perfectly with the beauty theme we […]

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Sheer bliss

Tamarac by Slippers International Women’s Fluff Sheepskin Scuff My new slippers are simply splendid. Soft, plush, easy to slip on and off. And, I got them at an incredible bargain. You knew it was only a matter of time until I mentioned a great deal, didn’t you? I’ve envied Jeremy’s pair since I got them […]

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It takes a village!

I’m looking out for this kid. And this one too. And these… Aren’t they fabulous? I mean really wonderful, with their smiles and their exuberance and their crankiness and even their adolescence? I don’t have a legal or blood connection to any of them (except for my two boys obviously…) but I’m a part of […]

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Home is sacred

One day, when I was getting especially frustrated with people coming to our door to sell firewood or ask for a signature on a petition, the following phrase came to me: Home is sacred. Home should not be a place where I have to make transactions, respond to demands (unless they are for a hug) […]

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