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Dancing all your days

I was listening to the song Dancing Daze by the Avett Brothers while driving Dylan to his Waldorf camp with Miss Monique this morning. So grateful that after a very serious childhood and early adulthood, I too am finally learning how to dance my days. And Dylan is the ultimate inspiration for me. These lyrics fit […]

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3 years! Blogiversary giveaway

My blog turns 3 today! Writing this blog has been rewarding, motivating, relationship-building, challenging and clarifying. Here’s a snapshot of the trip so far… I always mark this anniversary with a giveaway, and this year is no exception: This year, it would give me joy to create a custom 2013 calendar for one reader, using […]

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I was so abundantly blessed by the love and generosity of others on my 43rd birthday that I have nearly no words to express how it made me feel. I was truly overwhelmed by showers of kindness. Here are two sample pages from my bouquets book… please don’t interpret them as favorites… all of the […]

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For to be free

I feel very privileged to share a birthday with Nelson Mandela. Today I celebrate the freedom I am experiencing at this stage of my life. Yet…are there not more chains to be broken and more prison doors to be blown open? Let freedom reign! Happy birthday, Nelson!

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Painting the trim

This weekend, on the fourth of July while painting the trim in our bedroom, I suddenly remembered: Surprise! that this is the weekend that weekend when, after months of lying in wait — a complete placenta previa running the show — I decided to give in to my restlessness and just paint a little trim in […]

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Shrimp spring risotto

We had a lovely Easter celebration yesterday, which we hosted for my brother Matt and his family and some very close friends, the Willcock family (really, I told them that they might as well be “related.”) Our little Minneapolis house expanded to accommodate 7 children, 1 teenager, and 6 adults. Thank the Lord above that […]

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