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me and mom walking in the snowy woods

See with every turning day

See with every turning day, how each season wants to make a child of you again, wants you to become a seeker after rainfall and birdsong, watch how it weathers you to a testing in the tried and true, tells you with each falling leaf, to leave and slip away, even from the branch that […]

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Little voice

Fall is not my most brazen season. The transition to new and busier schedules and heavier workloads, coinciding with diminishing light, is a powerful one. This year, I am stepping out in new ways to grow my business and redefine my role in supporting others. So, there is even more necessity to walk down obscured […]

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Wonder years

The boys finally return from their four dreamy summer weeks on Georgian Bay (Canada) on Friday. Jeremy and I left them behind a couple of weeks ago, returning home on our own. The time has flown by as busy-ness with work, friends, and various projects–the ones that seem to never get done–have filled our days. […]

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Being brave

I am taking a blogging course and it’s pushing even fairly-transparent me to share something about myself that I’ve never shared before. Here’s the assignment Liv at Choosing Beauty has handed out: I’ll be writing something revealing about me and I ask you to do the same. Reveal something on your blog about YOU that you […]

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The best way out


Are you looking for a way out? Sometimes I am. Even today. I would like a way out of working late into the night. It makes me feel unsettled and sad to work late, as if there is no distinction between day and night. Which is how it felt when I was nursing my newborn […]

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