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pinks + grays + pinyon trees

In March, I went to Colorado for a Mindfulness + the Mountain retreat led by my friend Anna Dvorak at her cabin near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I ate food she prepared with recipes from her Nourish e-Cookbooks and hiked and slept. While I sat in silence I stitched. I created five little […]

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What you most need to find

What do you most need to find right now? Can you see that you can create it yourself? Why are you sitting there, waiting for it to show up? This once would have sounded naive to me. But I have become a believer in the simple but powerful truth that I am the chief actor in […]

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My little valentine

Although I love to play with paper, scissors and glue, I tend to get overwhelmed when doing crafty projects with my kids. I wish this were not the case, but the mess generated and the somewhat limited time frame we always seem to have combine to make me a little stressed out. The one exception […]

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We have this really magical thing happening over here. It’s what we hoped would happen when we started bringing women to the same place at the same time – ♥ women who own businesses and have started non-profits ♥ women who want to own a business, but don’t yet know how or when ♥ women who make creative […]

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You are free to go

Dear Brave Souls: The jail doors hang open,  You are free to go. And with love. You realize this, yes? That we are in a new world? that we have crossed a threshold, that the jail door is open. That we are free to go. You realize this, yes? That the weather we once stood […]

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