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A hummingbird came to play

It’s a perfect June day. And this morning, a hummingbird came to play. First it flew past my flower pots and I watched it with wonder, because I’ve never seen one in my yard. Not ever. Then as I pondered its meaning—quietly asking God what I am to absorb from this sighting—it appeared behind me, nearly […]

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the wildness we seek

The wildness we seek

Happy 75th birthday to Parker Palmer. Quaker, teacher, PhD in Sociology, Wisconsinite, author of Let Your Life Speak and eight other groundbreaking books, founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal, speaker and activist who focuses on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality and social change. I first discovered Parker in 2009, when I heard him on the […]

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This is livin’!

It was a fall day just like today about 8 years ago when I had a very memorable encounter with an irrepressible chimney sweep named Victor. We needed to have the chimney cleaned in our new home and were lucky to have Victor’s business, Copperfield Chimney Sweeps, recommended to us. Victor is a local guy, with […]

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The ease of endings

I have been grieving.  This season has found me going inward, craving quiet, and restlessly seeking to pry open my tightly-fisted hands. During the last six weeks or so, I’ve been blindsided by the iron grip of past griefs I thought had long loosened. I’ve also been watching fearfully as the shiny, alluring dreams I […]

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Turn to love

God be in my thoughts, and in my heart. In my left hand and in my right hand. Atone me. At-one me with you and your love. Help me to pray for those I fear as well as those I love, knowing that you can take my most ungracious prayers and give them grace. Whenever […]

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A Glimpse of Kairos

A Glimpse of Kairos In the heart and spirit we are less restricted by time. We are given glimpses of kairos in our own living, moments that break free of time and simply are. It is fascinating that music is so bound up with time and yet some of the greatest moments of music are […]

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