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The bud

For Persis Easter resurrection shouts its message of hope. It says, “I cannot be silenced.” It says, “Even if you say nothing, the rocks will cry out their amazement.” It says, “Something completely unexpected, decadent and defiant, anti-gravitational and extravagant has taken place.” Truly, this day, this story, this unparalleled gift, they all demonstrate one […]

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Painting the trim

This weekend, on the fourth of July while painting the trim in our bedroom, I suddenly remembered: Surprise! that this is the weekend that weekend when, after months of lying in wait — a complete placenta previa running the show — I decided to give in to my restlessness and just paint a little trim in […]

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Garden renewal

I am hoping to do some planting today, playing hooky for an hour or two from my work in order to catch this great weather and save my little plants. And my mind–as is always the case this time of year–has turned to my garden and the joy it brings to my life. Tending my […]

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You are free to go

Dear Brave Souls: The jail doors hang open,  You are free to go. And with love. You realize this, yes? That we are in a new world? that we have crossed a threshold, that the jail door is open. That we are free to go. You realize this, yes? That the weather we once stood […]

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