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The skeletons in my closet

Every time I walk past that closet it feels like someone reaches out and pokes me with a sharp object. It stings. Actually, it’s more painful than that, far more than an irritation. It pokes and aches and remains under the surface of the skin, swelling a little more each time. It sounds an alarm and […]

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This morning, I felt the breath of my ancestors on my neck, their hands on my shoulders. The sensation was of a supportive and affirming nature, yet it carried weight. There was a pressure that conveyed a warning. It felt like this: “Pay attention.” “Stay focused.” “Listen carefully to what I am saying.” It felt like […]

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Gratitude in all things

Something really surprising came to light in my family yesterday. So our Thanksgiving gathering will be very different than originally expected. And it is really going to be ok. Painful, but ok. After all, pain is an inevitable part of life. As are unrealized expectations. As my dad pointed out this morning, I’ve changed a lot. […]

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In a downpour

Some days, it takes a lot of courage to face even the ordinary things. Like choosing clothes to wear, brushing your teeth, or going down the stairs. Your mind is foggy and your arms feel heavy and you can’t for the life of you remember why you went into the kitchen in the first place. […]

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