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Be a surfer

I went searching for a quotation on strategy this morning, and was surprised that this one–technically about surfing–gave me the strongest tug. Have you ever thought of surfing as strategy? “Moi non plus,” as the French would say, but of course now that I have been shown the way, it is so obvious.  Do you know […]

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Neither sleet nor snow

One of the reasons I chose this gorgeous blue paint color and bought the beautiful birds and branches decal to go on the office wall behind my desk (see photo below) is so that when I am working with clients via Skype their view is as lovely as possible. Even in the winter we can […]

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Find your Light

Would you like to receive a high resolution version of this design–suitable for printing and framing as an 8″ x 10″ poster? If yes, sign up for my email list by following the link below, or by clicking on the image above.  Subscribe to my newsletter I’ll email it out to everyone on my list […]

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Creating a life

This startling and inspiring question resonates with me to the very core: “What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver And here’s my version: Are you making a living or are you creating a life? Think of your life as a gallery. I’d love to support you […]

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An invitation

I seem to have no time for blogging these days. I’ve been moving into my new workspace, ramping up my business, organizing my client work differently, preparing my tax information–all of last weekend!–and getting the Magic Wand Collective to its next stage of growth. All of this is demanding a lot from me right now. […]

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A room of her own

As many of you know, I’ve just moved into my first ever office outside the home since I started my marketing consulting business eight years ago. It’s blissful. The timing was just right, the stars aligned, and I felt clearly that I was supposed to do this. Bonus: It’s only 8 blocks from our house. […]

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